Unfortunately, I must share with you some bad news. After seeing one of the top professors at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital I have been advised that recovery from my shoulder operation in September could take up to another 12 months, and include intensive physiotherapy and possibly a second operation. I will also need an MRI scan on my neck to investigate on going nerve issues and pain.

I have tried so very hard to regain the ability to play fluid and for any length of time but to no avail. Obviously this isn’t the news I was expecting, but as explained by the professor my recovery will take a lot longer than most people due to my Ethlers Danlos Syndrome, which is a complicated connective tissue disorder. This syndrome has caused many problems over the years with various injuries. Given the prognosis and the level of pain that I am in daily, I have decided to do as the doctors instruct in order to have a chance to come back and do what I love.

As a result, I will be taking a complete break from performing live in 2020. Due to the continued uncertainty and unpredictability of the injury I think it is only right that I clear the diary this year and allow promoters to plan accordingly.

Big thank you to Mick, Tim and Paul for being amazing band members as always. Thank you also to Zoe Green for her brilliant work on our album ‘Be Free’. Our year of collaboration has been a blast! It has been an absolute pleasure sharing the stage with her and we created one hell of an album. Zoe has decided to take a well-earned breather from the music scene for the time being to reassess her future.

The band will be returning to its original 4 piece set up when I return. We thank you Zoe for being awesome x

I have had an amazing time over the last few years performing up and down the country and have been blown away with the fantastic support from followers of the band, promoters, radio presenters, Festivals, PR, and the musicians I have shared the stage with over the last few years. Huge thank you to Pete and Gwyn our management team for the awesome support.

I‘ve been to hell and back the last few months and expect that I will a few more times over the next few months. I look back on the opportunities that I’ve had to miss, and will miss out on due to this injury. We would have had several European tours, and would have played some amazing shows and festivals in the UK this year.

I will try and turn a negative into a positive and work on writing, maybe release a compilation album of some of the best blues songs from both albums, including previously unheard versions of songs, different mixes and so on.

So, you can rest assured that I will be working very hard to try and get back to ripping it up with the band in 2021.

Any enquiries on bookings or general enquiries for booking the band in 2021 please contact  pere@bigwolfband.com 

Thank you




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Be Free

Big Wolf Band

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Big Wolf Band's second studio album featuring the amazing Zoe Green

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